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vSpaceLab-About us

vSpaceLab is a Veteran Owned Virtual Space Engineering Laboratory headquartered in San Antonio, TX . Through a network of Internet Service Providers, Contract Website Developers, and Application Service Providers, vSpaceLab offers industrial strength website design and development services to all of it’s clients. Our e-Commerce Solutions can sell your products and services to the world. Our Email and Webmail Solutions allow you to rapidly communicate from anywhere on the planet. Our Search Engine Optimization and eMarketing Solutions will drive new clients to your services like never before.

vSpaceLab – Virtual Space Laboratory
Virtual Space Engineer – Web Design and Development
San Antonio, Texas

icon_resume_vspacelabvSpaceLab.com (Virtual Space Lab Engineering and Application Development) is a full service website design, website hosting, and internet services company based in San Antonio, Texas. vSpaceLab has provided Secure Online Internet Solutions to Small And Medium sized businesses since it’s inception on May 27, 2005. vSpaceLab specializes in the development of Web and Intranet based Information Management Systems. Guided by the principle of thoroughly understanding our client’s needs and requirements, we customize our Content Managed Solutions, Search Optimization Strategies and Propagation techniques to thoroughly market and penetrate new territory for all of our clients companies who seek the very best in Website Application Development, and Deployment.

vSpaceLab.com has established strategic partnerships with a network of Local, and Off-Shore Web Developers, MySQL Database Administrators, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Specialists, Graphic Design Artists to leverage Social Networks, Video and Blog Portals, and Public Relations Campaign resources. All of these work in concert to provide the very best to all of our clients.

Gary Neubauer II (CEO and Senior Project Consultant) has provided expert level consulting solutions since 1990, to help organizations manage the development, deployment, and resolution of highly technical and complex information technology projects. Mr. Neubauer possesses a Cisco Certified Network Associate – CCNA certification and has completed advanced training in Security Infrastructure Assurance, Incident Response, Web Risk Assessment, Vunerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection, Penetration Testing & Database Driven Web Development.

Preview his Online Resume at: www.GaryNeubauer.org.

UTSA – Vice President for Research – University of Texas at San Antonio
Technical Project Consultant – Learning & Technology Initiative
San Antonio, Texas

Webmaster – Vice President for Research – Designed, Developed & Implemented website Information Architecture and Visual Content using Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Fireworks MX, Photoshop & other application software. Provided Website Development using HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, & CSS for sitewide formatting.

Technology Ambassador – UTSA Learning & Technology Initiative – Promoted & Implemented an onsite marketing campaign for the UTSA Learning & Technology Initiative, the Office of Information Technology & Gateway Computer Corporation. Initiated & Delivered Technology Seminars, & Cyberteam Promotional Events to advocate increased use of Technology in Academic Programs, promote UTSA’s Campus Wide Wireless Network (Air Rowdy), and implement a Laptop computer program. Developed web based Policy & Procedures for OIT & Student Computing Services.

Veterans Affairs / Financial Services Center – eTravel Security Solutions
Subject Matter Expert – eTravel Security Assessment Contract
Austin, Texas


Subject Matter Expert – Developed & Executed a comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment & Solutions strategy for the VA’s eTravel / eFinance Web Portal –Zegato. Integrated & Documented testing criteria to resolve extreme Network Latency / Connection Drops & Security Exploits. Tested network components including: Collocated Oracle 9i Web Servers, Load Balancers, SSL High-Volume Transaction Accelerators, Web Browser Based client add-ons & Desktop OS Standards in an effort to replace the VA’s legacy paper-based travel systems.Prepared documentation to assist & validate the VA’s technical response to the application vendor contractual responsibilities. Provided testing for the VA’s HighSpeed Network, & recommended Router & Switch upgrades to ensure network reliability and resolve connectivity challenges.

S1 Corporation – Online Banking eFinance Solutions
Information Security Engineer – Security Posture Assessment Team
Austin, Texas

Information Security Engineer – Engineered & Productized a Security Posture Assessment & Network Vulnerability methodology for verifying the security of eFinance client networks and operation schemas. Developed standards using Nessus, Nmap, eEye Retina, and multiple in-house tools for reconnaissance, controlled testing, and exploitation of a client network.

Verified methodology with labs comprised of Cisco PIX, multiple Cisco IDS, Host IDS on eFinance server, Network Monitoring Server & Exchange Servers. Implemented Incident Response criteria for discovering & handling security breaches. Developed & Engineered configuration procedures for Security Hardening Online eFinance servers using Win NT 4.0, Win 2000, SQL Server, Web Logix, and Linux with Apache eFinance servers providing corporate standards for secure online banking. Performed & Engineered production scripts for On-Premise Installations. Developed security testing quality assurance procedures for verifying “bastion” quality of eFinance servers.

Cisco Systems – Internet Systems Manufacturer
Security Boot Camp Instructor

Austin, Texasity Traiing & Consulting Solutions
Security Instructor Tester – VSEC Security Lab
Austin, Texas

icon_resume_ciscoSecurity Boot Camp Instructor – provided Review and Demonstrations with Cisco Systems Security Boot Camp instruction material. Executed security workshops, hacking penetration labs, and intusion detection, prevention, and monitoring using Cisco Network and Host IDS systems. Provide instruction for Cisco’s inhouse VSEC organization, performing class room instruction with Cisco employee’s and select corporate vendors. Internet Security topics demonstrated in class included:

1st Day – Hacking & Network Threat Defense 101
2nd Day – Cisco PIX Firewall Administration
3rd Day – Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) Concentrators
4th Day – Cisco Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Host IDS

Rackspace Managed Hosting – Application Hosting
Information Secur ity Engineer – Corporate Web Security
San Antonio, Texas
space Managed Hosting – Managed We Hosting Services
Corporate Web Security – Security Engineering and Administration
San Antonio, Texas


Corporate Web Security – Security Engineering & Administration for Rackspace’s Web Hosting customers. Provided customized security solutions using: CISCO PIX 515 and 520 firewalls, CheckPoint FireWall-1 running on Nokia IP330, IP440, and Netscreen 5, and 10 firewall appliances. Using network protocols (TCP/UDP, IP), troubleshooting Virtual Private Networks (VPN), administering Security Scanning Tools, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Secure HTTP, and Windows NT / 2000 security software.

Used network discovery tools like NMAP & Hping to scan firewalls for open ports, available services, or penetratable rule sets. Worked with customers to solve Content Theft attacks, DOS (Denial of Service) attacks, and Routing / DNS attacks providing User Access through specific rule sets and open service ports. Produced multiple Vendor proposals for outsourcing Firewall Monitoring and Management functions. Produced and executed training requirements for existing clients on newly developed security services and product offerings.

Clarke American – Financial Services
ECommerce Security Engineer – Security Firewall Resolutions
San Antonio, Texas
merican – Finacial Transaction Services
E-Commerce Security Tester – Security Firewall Resolution
San Antonio, Texas


E-Commerce Security Tester – Security Firewall solutions for Clarke’s E-Commerce Team. Developed and established testbeds for Client Financial Institutions using multiple Firewall, Proxy Sever, and Web Site Analysis Tools including: Axent Raptor 6.5 FW for NT & Unix, Novell BorderManager, MS Proxy Server, Delegate FW running on Unix, Avirt Gateway, Watchguard, WebTrends, WebSense, and Wingate. Worked in solving Network Routing, VPN Connectivity, and Infrastructure issues for over 40 Banks and Credit Unions.

TRW Space and Defense – Federal Defense Contractor
Security Deployment Instructor – US Air Force Internet Security Team
San Antonio, Texas
e Defence – Aerospace Defense Contractor
Security Deployment Instructor – US Airforce Secrity Barrier Reef
San Antonio, Texas – Kirkland AFBASE, Alberquerque, NM – McCord AFBASE, Seattle, WA


Securirty Deployment Instructor – US AIR FORCE – CITS / BIP – Internet Security Deployment, the 1 st of a 3 Phase Directive (Barrier Reef) to integrate a Secure Internet Firewall Barrier against External Attack, Monitor & Manage Internal Traffic behind the Firewall, and Instruct / Train Air Force Personnel in the use of the newly installed equipment. 80% – 90% Travel was required.

HARDWARE INTEGRATION INCLUDED: Compaq 6500 Rack Mount Servers, CISCO 7507 Routers, CISCO 2900 Fast Ethernet Switches, & Cisco Works were used for directing specific Subnets through the SIDEWINDER Firewall (BSD UNIX). Windows NT Server 4 & Netscape Proxy Server 3 were used to monitor & restrict WWW traffic. HP-Open View NT 5.0, Network General-Sniffer & Internet Security Scanner 5.0, was used for Network Object Discovery & Topology Security Assessment. Numerous Air Force Management documents were produced to verify Secure Topologies.

Produced a variety of Network documentation as needed to further establish the need for security solutions. Troubleshooting Virtual Private Networks (VPN), administering Security Scanning Tools, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Secure HTTP, and Windows NT / 2000 security software. Provided mentoring and end user education on various aspects of Security Technology and Troubleshooting Methodology.

Compaq – Computer Manufacturer
Enterprise Migration Team – NT Exchange Migration Team
Houston, Texas
uter Corporation – Enterprise Server Manufacturer
Enterprise Migration Team – Enterprise Marketing Division
Houston, Texas


Enterprise Migration Team – NT Exchange Server / Outlook 97 Migration from Banyan/Vines eMail. Administration with NT Workstation, Win 95 & 3.11. PROLIANT 5000 Setup & Configuration using TCPIP, & BANYAN 32 Protocols, over 10/100 Ethernet & ISDN. LTE 5000 Laptop Configuration for Remote Tele-Computing using Outlook 97, ISDN, RAS & PC-Anywhere. Internet Service with Internet Explorer, Netscape & PointCast. Windows CE PalmTop & Internet Configuration using Compaq PC Companion ® .

Windows 95 ® Language Tester – Successfully tested 4 Versions of Windows 95 ® in DUTCH, SWEDISH, GERMAN & PORTCHEGUESE for Compaq Pre-Release & Proto-Type Marketing Test Machines . Tested over 80 drivers and base Windows 95 OS support software to prepare machines for Phase 2 testing.

Amoco Corporation – Oil and Gas Production
Quality Assurance Manager – QA Network Software Distribution Team
Houston, Texas
Manager – Network Packaging Group
Houston, Texas


Quality Assurance Manager – Designed, Managed, and Implemented multiple layers of Network Operational Technologies including: Internal and Remote Security policy access controls for various Web Site Portals with secure standards for electronically signing documents. Maintained all On site RAID Data Store security, and established Remote Dial-Up access procedures. Network Sustainment and Disaster Recovery planning / testing schemas to ensure service reliability 24 /7, 365 day/yr. Multiple Client Service Request ques and Help Desk functions for all Employee as well as Vendor requests

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