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vSpaceLab - San Antonio Search Engine Optimization

You already have a great website that you spent alot of time developing and tweaking to get exactly the right message to your customers. Only problem nobody knows you are there. An internet user goes to a Google search engine and types in a product that you offer.

Does your web site come up on the first page?

vSpaceLab offers a professional, highly structured receipe to website search engine optimization, marketing, positioning and ranking. By using a variety of industry standardized practices and various proprietary web marketing techniques, vSpaceLab can dramatically increase the traffic to your website.

85% of all website traffic comes from search engine rankings.

Millions of times every day internet use search engines to do there research homework to find the best deals on what they are looking for. If you don’t show up on the first page in a search engine result, it’s like your webpage doesn’t even exist. By increasing the visibility of your web site in Search Engine Results (SERPs) like Google and Yahoo, you can insure that the greatest possible number of clients are exposed to the products and services that you are offering over the internet. vSpace

Search engine optimization, marketing, positioning and ranking can include Organic Internal and External Website Optimization, Paid Placement, Paid Inclusion, and Paid Search Lisitngs.

If you have a website with out a high ranking in the top search engines you will be missing critical searchs for your services. Let vSpaceLab.com’s search engine marketing strategies drive traffic to your website like never before!

Search Engine Marketing in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston Texas

The top search engines today are Google.com, Yahoo.com, Ask.com, AOL Search, MSN Search, AskJeeves.com, Open Directory DMOZ.com, AllTheWeb.com, HotBot.com, Teoma.com, Altavista.com, Gigablast.com, LookSmart.com, Lycos.com, and Netscape Search.

Our search engine marketing and optimization services involve a dedicated and comprehensive strategy using keyword research, site structure analysis, content positioning and architecture, website copy editting, and extensive link building. Paid advertising campaigns can also be developed and deployed with Google AdWord, and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

All of these techniques play a part in developing a winning promotional strategy for your website. Getting Started is easy. Come Get Some website traffic and online results with Search Engine Marketing and Optimization from vSpaceLab.com.

Google Web Search

Google has become the defacto standard for research and “browing” on the internet today. It is the top choice for those searching the world wide web. Google is a crawler-based web service and pulls together interesting search trends and patterns based on 100’s of millions of searches each day. Google also provides search results to many other search engines like AOL Search, Excite Network, Ask Jeeves, InfoSpace, HotBot, Lycos, Netscape and Teoma. It’s a highly recommended first stop in your hunt for most anything in the world today.

Google was originally developed at a Stanford University project by students Larry Page and Sergey Brin and was originally called BackRub. By 1998, the name was changed to Google, and the project went mainstream morphing into the private company known as Google.com. It remains privately held today.

Google provides the option to easily seek out images from across the web, discussions that are evolving on Usenet newsgroups, locate news information or perform research for a specific product or service. Using the More link provides access to human-compiled information from the Open Directory, catalog searching and other services.

Google is also known for a wide range of other features, such as cached web pages that let you “resurrect” dead websites or see previous versions of recently upfdated ones. It offers video on demand, email services, street maps, stock quotes, dictionary definitions, spell checking, telephone numbers and more. See Google’s help page for list of it’s more popular features. The Google Toolbar has also won a popular following for the easy access it provides to Google and its features directly from the Internet Explorer browser.

Google offers unpaid editorial commentaries, and operates its own advertising programs. The cost-per-click AdWords program places ads on partner web sites which can dramatically increase your website exposure.

Yahoo Search

Yahoo was launched in 1994 and is the internet’s oldest directory. It developed the term “directory” which is a place where human editors organize web sites into categories. In October 2002, Yahoo made a huge shift towards crawler-based listings for its search results results. Yahoo’s search came from Google until February 2004. At that time Yahoo developed and uses its own search engine technology.

Yahoo provides exceptional search results, you can use Yahoo to search for images, Yellow Page listings or use Yahoo’s shopping search engine to find a product or service. Yahoo Search also offers specialized and advanced custom search options as well.

The Yahoo Directory has survived numerous attempts to usurp it. You’ll notice “category” links below some of the sites lists in response to a keyword search. These links will take you to a list of web sites that have been reviewed and approved by a human editor.

Yahoo also allows a pure search of just the human-editted Yahoo Directory, which is how the old Yahoo used to work. By using this search option you will get both “Related Directory Categories” and “Directory Results,” which are the top web site matches pulled from all categories of the Yahoo Directory.

AOL Search

AOL Search provides it’s users with listings that come Google’s crawler-based index. Searches on Google and AOL Search will produce very similar results. AOL Search is primarily used by AOL users. The “internal” version of AOL Search provides links to content available only within the AOL online service network. By using this service, you can search AOL and the entire web at the same time. The “external” version doesn’t provide links to the AOL network content. Many of Google’s features such as “cached” pages are not offered by AOL Search.
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