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  • CLIENT: Kiolbassa Sausage The Best Smoked Sausage in the Business
  • CLIENT: ChampionGroup Specializing in Direct Energy Investment
  • CLIENT: Rick Agosto State Board of Education Representative
  • CLIENT: INXS Auto Accessories Extreme Web Design Search Engine Optimization Marketing

vSpaceLab - San Antonio SEO Keyword Research

vSpaceLab engages in extensive Keyword Research in the San Antonio local market to find actual “search terms” people use to find what they are looking for on the web. Keyword research is a vital procedure in SEO. It’s where search engine optimization starts. You succeed or fail with search engine optimization depending on how good your keywords are for your website.If your website is selling products or providing services and you choose the appropriate keywords for your website, search engines will see how it relates to your products or services and provide a search query based on those keywords phrases.  The first thing vSpaceLab does when conducting a keyword research is brainstorming. We can get a list from our clients and put down all the potential keywords your customer might type in search box. Mix up 3 to 4 single keyword to come up with with keyphrase (phrase composed of keywords) your customers might tend to use as search query.

After the brainstorming, vSpaceLab use a proprietary method of Keyword Research tools to filter your listed keywords / keyphrases to your specific needs. This method finds out how often a keyword or keyphrase is searched for. We perform specific keyword searches based on monthly search query. We also identitify common spellings and misspellings, and discover which terms are impacted by seasonal trends.

vSpaceLab also checks to see if enough people are searching for a particular word, you’re also trying to determine how competitive that phrase is in terms of rankings. Next after filtering your keywords, we will refine your list of keywords. You need to filter out your filtered keywords so that you’ll know which is the best to use. Targeted terms are often easier to rank for and help bring qualified targeted traffic to strengthen the theme created with the broader phrases.

Keyword research is very important; let vSpaceLab start your Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing plan today. This keyword research will play a big role in your whole search engine optimization process and success on the internet.

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