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vSpaceLab - San Antonio SEO Title Tag Optimization

Why is the Title Tag Important from Search Engine Optimization perspective?

vSpaceLab optimizes your title tags to tell the search engines what your website page is all about. vSpaceLab not only communicates the theme of your web page to the human visitors but it is also very important to Search Engine Placement by the Search Engine crawlers. The Title Tag is not a Meta Tag, but nevertheless it is the most important of all Tags. Almost all crawler based search engines use the Title Tag to gather information about your web site. The search engines use the words or the content of the Title Tag during the ranking process to analyze the relevance of your web page with the keywords that are on that page. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, AltaVista, and AlltheWeb use your web page’s Title Tag to evaluate that website pages relevance.

Title Tag is the hyperlinked text title that is displayed in the search engine results page (SERP). When users are searching the web to find your website, they will click on this hyperlink to go to your web site.

vSpaceLab also optimizes your Title Tag when it is designing your website and it is used as the text when you ‘bookmark’ a page or add a certain web page to your ‘favorites’ list in your web browser. A carefully constructed Title Tag with optimal keywords, is very important for your page’s ranking with the search engines.

Working with the Title Tag

vSpaceLab will work with your company to develop a winning Title Tag for all of your website pages. It plays a vital role in determining your site’s ranking in the SERP, vSpaceLab will pay a lot of attention to the words that appear in the Title Tag and the order in which they appear. vSpaceLab will create a specifically worded Title Tag that includes your most relevant keyword phrases and performs the function of announcing the summary of your web page’s content.

Title Tag and Keywords

Amongst all the places vSpaceLab will use your important Keyword phrases, the usage of keywords in the Title Tag gives the highest weight.

While using your keyword phrases in the Title Tag, it is important to be highly focused. vSpaceLab will use the same keywords not just in your Title Tag, but also in your page content and the Meta Description Tag of your web page. If the keywords you intend using in your Title Tag do not appear anywhere else in your page’s content, then avoid using them in your page title as the weight of the keywords in the Title Tag gets diluted.

It is essential to sequence your keyword phrases correctly in your Title Tag. The order in which they appear is of great importance. Having your most important keyword phrase towards the beginning of the Title Tag helps display your title in bold in the SERP (search engines result pages).

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