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  • CLIENT: Rick Agosto State Board of Education Representative
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vSpaceLab - San Antonio San Antonio Web Hosting

Everyone seems to be offering “Web Hosting” these days, but not all Web Hosting is the same. Business Class Website Hosting is the use of equipment such as Routers, Switches, Data Backup Devices, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, and Redundant Hardware Systems in case of failure.   Hosting also comprises the services to route a domain name to the physical web server being used, and for any sub domain to also route properly to allow a website to be located from a browser on the World Wide Web. Our Business Class Hosting provides your business website uptime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Getting started with Website Hosting

Sign up for a web hosting account using by using our free Quick Design Quote to let us know how we can help your company with wesite hosting services. Do you need help moving your website? No Problem. vSpaceLab provides website transfer services to all of it’s new clients.When you need to register a new domain name, vSpaceLab can do this at the same time you order your hosting account. Please allow at least 24-48 hours for your new domain name to propagate and be available over Internet. If you need a dedicated IP address to host specific services on your web server vSpaceLab can provide you one. An IP address will be assigned to you upon completion of your order. Getting Started is easy. Come Get Some at vSpaceLab.com.After a Quick Website Quote is completed and submitted, our web development team will review your request and contact you with suggestions and ideas for the best use of internet services available. vSpaceLab can suggest the use of email / Webmail, web Blogs, RSS feeds, Podcasts, Audio and Video and e-Commerce services to maximize the use of your website.

Turn around time is usually within a 1-3 days to see recieve a location to web server with the begginnings of your website on it.

What functionality does vSpaceLab Hosting provide?

Upgrading to the vSpaceLab Website Hosting has the following functionality and benefits:

  • Support for PHP 5 – With PHP 5 support, you can program using the latest version of this server-side scripting language and take advantage of existing applications and add ons written in PHP 5. You can also run both PHP 4 and PHP 5 simultaneously on the same site.
  • Support for Python 2.4 – The latest version of Python — 2.4 — is supported.
  • Support for Ruby and Ruby on Rails – The scripting language Ruby is now supported, along with its application framework, Ruby on Rails. The new hosting configuration also incorporates FastCGI to maximize Ruby on Rails performance.
  • Scripting Flexibility – CGI, Perl, or Python scripts no longer have to be uploaded to and run from the cgi directory. The new hosting configuration allows any file with a .cgi, .py, or .pl extension to be run from any folder within your Web site.
  • Custom PHP 4 and PHP 5 initialization files You can now customize your site by creating PHP initialization files in the root of your site to manage form, server, and environmental variables, server-side cookies, temporary directories, error display, and error logging.
  • Administration – The new hosting configuration has a dedicated administration interface from which you can manage and maintain cgi apps, library versions, Perl, and Ruby on Rails
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